ICF12 can provide a complete Design-build service for selected projects in Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts.

With rising construction costs and common architect-owner-builder disputes, Design-build smoothes and simplifies the whole process by keeping a single entity as a point of responsibility for quality, cost and scheduling. The owners are then able to concentrate on design issues rather than on numerous contracts and coordinating between designer and builder.

By partnering with Arcon Construction, a well-equipped company building residential and commercial projects, ICF12 can assure a successful completion to any building challenge. Engineering firm, Crawford & Associates, is a consultant providing all aspects of engineering required for a building project. Working with ICF12 and qualified construction and engineering personnel from the project’s beginning, the owner will have confidence in a creative and innovative design being correctly budgeted and scheduled and of course, built.

Please contact us for more details about how we may design and build your natural home or workplace.